Stocking leading brands of feed such as Dodson & Horrell, Dengie, Allen & Page, Top Spec and Mollichaff, and not forgetting our own Feed, Healthcare and Bedding value lines with no compromise on quality, WCF Pet & Equestrian is bound to be able to satisfy your horse’s nutritional needs. We offer a wide variety of feed with every dietary requirement in mind, from low calorie products for those prone to weight and laminitis issues to cooling feeds for very active horses and everything in between. Supplement your horse’s diet with additional vitamins and minerals, licks and treats from NAF and WCF, and keep them in peak condition both inside and out with our range of wormers, fly repellents, shampoos and hoof care products. Quality bedding from Easibed and Bedwell is also bound to ensure their full quota of beauty sleep!

Feed, Healthcare and Bedding Category