Whether you’re an aspiring poultry keeper or a seasoned professional, at WCF Pet & Equestrian we have everything you need to keep your chickens or ducks healthy and happy. House your poultry in one of our range of chicken coops or arks and keep them safe with our great value Hotline electric fencing. Feeding them from a range of high quality, specially formulated feeds including our own WCF brand, Dodson & Horrell and even Allen & Page organic, should give them the very best chance of filling your egg boxes (also available from WCF Pet & Equestrian!). Keep an eye on the health of your chickens and come to us for mite control products, wormers, mineral supplements and other essentials. We also supply disinfectant, chicken wire and other fencing materials, together with feeders and drinkers. If you are interested in raising your own chicks, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about incubators and other hatching equipment.

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