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Caring for Robins

Published 20th December 2019
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Caring for Robins
They can live in woodland and gardens, they love mealworms and they sing late into the night, but what's the best was to attract these cheeky little songbirds?
Feed them, of course!
What do Robins eat?
A Robins favourite food are mealworms.
Robins also love seeds, suet, crushed peanuts and sunflower hearts.
How to feed robins?
Bird tables - these give robins an easy place to eat their dinner.
Hanging feeders - lots of garden birds like blue tits, house sparrows and gold finches, will happily grab a bite to eat from speeders. Hang them up and fill them with peanuts, nyjer seeds and other high quality food, and watch the birds flock to your garden.
Yet robins are unlikely to visit hanging feeders, unless they have a perch they can sit on. Now and then they'll hold onto the feeder's thin little perches and hover next to it and shelter a few seeds, but they prefer to eat from a flat surface like a bird table or the ground.

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