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How to litter your cat

Published 18th August 2018
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How to litter your cat

·       Choosing the right litter tray – ensure there is enough room for your cat to sit comfortably, do what they need to and then turn to dig and cover it with cat litter. The larger the tray the better; ensure that it is robust, durable and non-toxic

·        Choose the right litter – in many cases this is simple trial and error; once you have found one they like, stick with it. Fine, sand like litters tend to be the most popular. Opt for a litter which absorbs smell rather than masks it such as Sanicat and consider environmentally friendly options for disposal

·        Choose the right place for the litter tray – give your cat somewhere private and quiet that they can easily access, well away from food and water where they won’t be disturbed; most cats prefer to litter away from the area where they sleep

·       Have enough litter trays – ideally you should provide one per kitten or cat, with a spare if you have a large number of animals

·      Leave your cat with the clean litter tray and let them get used to it; cats are intelligent and often figure out themselves what to use the litter tray for, otherwise use gentle encouragement to familiarise them with the tray

·         Using a process of trial and error test the preferred depth of cat litter for your kitten or cat; 3cm is a good average

·         Make the litter tray as clean as possible - clean the litter tray every day by removing all solid waste and replacing any saturated cat litter

·         Change the litter completely at least once a week; cats are known to refrain from urination if they are not given a clean place to do so

·         Disinfect completely regularly to remove odours using a product such as Superfine

·         Avoid scented cleaning products; cats are sensitive to smell

·         Familiarise the litter tray –include some of the old litter when you change the cat litter until they get used to it

·         Never disturb your cat when they are toileting in the litter tray

·         Never shout at or punish your cat or kitten if they have an accident; clean it up with an odour eliminating product such as Simple Solution; removing the smell should break the habit of your cat going there again

·         If your cat is avoiding the litter tray try a different litter

·         Reward them with treats and praise when they correctly use the litter tray

·         If they continue to have accidents consider discussing with your vet to eliminate any underlying health or anxiety problems

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