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How to encourage your hens to lay more eggs!

Published 18th August 2018
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·         Use quality feed - use a diet of premium laying mash or pellet, such as WCF, along with healthy treats of occasional fresh fruit, vegetables or meal worms

·         Clean nests boxes and coops regularly

·         Each week remove the shavings from the house and nest boxes, brush everything out of the corners and replace with fresh bedding

·         At least once a month, scrape the perches and disinfect the house with a pet friendly disinfectant such as Superfine

·         Provide comfortable bedding or make a soft surface using recycled newspaper

·         Ensure your hen has enough calcium keep a steady flow of eggs. Crushed oyster shells are a good source of calcium

·         If possible suspend their feeders, to reduce the amount of food on the floor and the risk of pests

·         Ensure they have a plentiful supply of fresh water and change it every day

·         Avoid crowding your chickens and ensure they have enough space to roam freely

·         Keep them happy and stress free by providing them a safe space away from children, pets and predators

·         Inspect and handle your hens regularly to ensure that they are healthy; they should be bright eyed and alert, have clean legs, feet and bottoms and healthy wattles

·         Wash and dry food and water containers regularly

·         Protect them from predators in secure coops or enclosures, ensuring that they can’t burrow their way in

·         Protect your hens from parasites by using a mite powder such as Nettex in their coop or house. Dust nest boxes with a louse powder such as Barrier Animal Healthcare

·         Inspect your hens at nights when mites are most active. Mites are small, reddish-brown insects that scurry around a chicken’s head. If you do have a mite infestation, use Nettex Total Mite Kill to eliminate

·         Add chicken droppings to your compost heap – they are very rich in nitrogen

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