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Helpful Hints!

Published 13th October 2020
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Helpful Hints!
Just like us our dogs can feel the cold in the winter.
Wearing a coat can help them keep warm and dry, it can also help protect ageing bones! Warmer joints are less painful!
Does your dog suffer with stiff joints? A little arthritic? Or just seems a little slower?
During the winter months especially, like us our canine companions can feel the cold in their joints. As the weather cools down, it's a good time to remember that winter can be uncomfortable for dogs with stiff joints/arthritis. Cooler temperatures can aggravate sore joints in dogs, making them more stiff and painful.
We have a range of quality supplements in store to help!
Grain allergies?
Your dog may well be allergic to some ingredients in dog food, including the grain itself.
Itchy skin can be a symptom of grain allergy. Cutting the grain out and feeding a HIGH QUALITY grain free food such as our Beau dog food & Lakeland Heritage can help the symptoms clear up.
Does your dog have itchy skin?
Grain within dog food can cause itchy, irritated, dry and even inflamed skin. This can cause infections and fur loss. Changing to a grain free diet can help keep your dogs' skin in excellent condition.
Please pop into one of our stores for more information on our fantastic grain free dog food.
What is grain free dog food and why is it beneficial to our dogs?
Dog food made without wheat, corn, rice and other grains is considered grain free.
Our Beau superfood & Lakeland Heritage dog food is high quality and grain free.
Does your dog have a dull rough coat?
This can be due to their diet.
Switching to a grain free diet can help. A high meat content food with healthy vegetables and superfoods that can be absorbed will help your dog's coat look shinier and healthy.

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