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How do I stop my rabbit having trouble with overgrown teeth?

Published 26th November 2019
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How do I stop my rabbit having trouble with overgrown teeth?
Make sure that your rabbit has a natural diet with plenty of hay.
Food plays a very important part in the well-being and health of a rabbit. An inappropriate diet can cause issues with teeth and can also cause obesity.
If your rabbit has overgrown teeth, it should have at least it's own weight in hay daily, along with fresh water. Hay or fresh grass (not clippings) should always be available. A handful of greens should also be provided in the morning and evening. Fruit should only be fed sparingly.

Unlike human teeth, rabbit teeth keep on growing throughout their life. Consequently, rabbits need to spend lots of time chewing to wear down their teeth.

If rabbits do not wear down their teeth they will grow too long and turn spiky and then they will dig into their cheeks and tongue, causing painful ulcers.

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