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How to protect your horse from flies

Published 18th August 2018
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·         Use fly sheets, masks, wraps or collars but if your horse hasn’t worn one before, introduce them gradually and check for rubbing; some horses may refuse to wear

o   fly sheet to keep bugs off your horse's body

o   fly mask to prevent flies, which can be attracted to eye secretions, from landing in horses' eyes and causing infections

o   fly wraps designed to keep flies off a horse's legs

o   fly collars impregnated with horse fly repellent to ward off flies, mosquitoes and gnats from your horse's head and neck

·       Apply a long-lasting fly repellent specifically designed for use on horses such as NAF. Fly sprays, fly wipes and fly roll-ons are available in many natural and synthetic formulas that not only repel flies but gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects

·       Test any new fly repellent spray on your horse prior to a full application to check for allergic reaction and to ensure that they are not frightened by it

·         Apply to a clean horse to achieve the best results and always follow the manufacturer's guidelines as directed on the label

·       Apply fly repellent or insecticide to your horse's face carefully by wiping it on or using a targeted product such as a roll-on to avoid the eyes and prevent irritation

·        The horses’ long manes and tails are a natural fly defence, but sweat, urine and manure make horses more attractive to flies so keep them as clean as possible

·         Turn horses out together where possible so they can flick flies away from each other

·         Remove droppings and wet bedding from your stables and paddock

·         Keep the manure a good distance from your horses’ stable

·         Put up fly papers or fly traps in your horses’ stable

·         Keep your stables as dark as possible

·         Ensure your stables are well ventilated and that air is able to circulate freely

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