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I have a pony prone to laminitis what should I feed it?

Published 22nd June 2018
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I have a pony prone to laminitis what should I feed it?
If your pony is prone to laminitis it is important to keep a close eye on their weight, using a weight tape and ensuring they are regularly exercised whilst monitoring their grass intake. Grass can be high in sugar especially in spring when it is also in abundance so may encourage them to over eat. The Natural Animal feeds range of in feed supplements we stock, like Laminaze, provide a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the ponies digestive system and help prevent them from getting laminitis. Using this in conjunction with a low calorie high fibre product like Dengie Hi Fi Lite or Top Chop lite will help to maintain the essential fibre levels in the diet without over feeding starch and sugar which can contribute to Laminitis. The use of an electric fence system, to regulate the size of area the pony has access to, will ensure they don’t over eat grass and It can be set in such a way as to encourage the pony to keep moving whilst grazing, helping their circulation and weight management. If you do have to stable the pony use a small holed haynet to regulate intake and a Swingers forage block is ideal to alleviate boredom in the stable.

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