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Is a FAT or an UNDERWEIGHT dog easier to fix?

Published 23rd December 2019
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Is a FAT or an UNDERWEIGHT dog easier to fix?
What's easier to fix?
A FAT dog or an UNDERWEIGHT dog?
Answer: an UNDERWEIGHT dog
Why? Well, a dog that is overweight has extra pressure on joints, bones and organs and has to carry excess fat around with it all it's life, it is much harder to get rid of fat than put it on.
MORE than HALF the UKs dogs are overweight ... Scary right?
Regular weighing makes sure your dog is being fed to its CORRECT weight and it healthy from nose to tail.
Here are some signs to look out for in both dogs and cats:
  • Ribs - overweight pets have a layer of fat covering their ribs, which makes them difficult to see or even feel.
  • Back - a 'fat pad' will cover their back.
  • Tummy - your pets tummy will bulge out and sag downwards which may wobble or sway when they move.
  • Face, legs and neck - obese dogs and cats can get fat pads in these areas.
"So what if my dog has a bit of extra weight ... he likes to have some of our food, it doesn't matter, right?"
What are the repercussions?
  • Damage to joints, bones and ligaments
  • Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)
  • Heart disease and increased blood pressure
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Decrease stamina
  • Decreased liver function  
  • Increased surgical and anaesthetic risk
  • Digestive disorders
  • Compromised immune system
  • Skin and coat diseases
  • Higher risk of cancer
  • Shortened lifespan
Ways to keep your dog from putting on weight:
  • NO HUMAN FOOD! - which creates more problems than just obesity.
  • CORRECT PROTEIN CONTENT FOR YOU DOG - we offer a free feed advice.
  • KEEP MEAL TIME SIMPLE AND LOW FAT - eg feed a biscuit only diet or wet meat only diet, quite often tins and pouches are complete, so by adding them to an already complete biscuit, you're feeing DOUBLE of what you should be.



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