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Is your cat an outside cat?

Published 20th December 2019
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Is your cat an outside cat?
Do you regularly flea and worm your cat? No? Here's why you should:
The most common species of flea, is the cat flea, which often feasts on cats, dogs and humans.
The flea actually spends hardly anytime on the cats body... most of its life is spent in the cats environment which makes it very important to make sure you treat the environment too.
The flea is actually the carrier for the tapeworm, simply by the flea being licked off the coat by the cat ad ingested and the life cycle of the tapeworm continues.
Worm burdens can be determined to your cats health, the roundworm feeds off the cat and the tapeworm takes all the nutrients from both posing large threats! If you're worried about worming and flea treating, pop in store and speak to our SQP for advice.
By keeping up to date with your worming and flea treatments you keep your pet in tip top conditions. Make sure to consult your vet if anything unusual happens to your pet.

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