Dog Staycation Checklist


Since lockdown, so many more people vacation in the UK. This is perfect for dog owners as it means you can take your dog away with you. When taking your dog on holiday, it is always best to be prepared.

If you are unsure on what to pack for your dog, we have put together a dog staycation checklist so you don’t miss anything essential.

  • Dog food – make sure you pack enough for the holiday and some, so you don’t run out. Click here to shop our range of dog food. 
  • Any medication your dog takes.
  • Food and water bowls
  • Lots of poo bags.
  • Toys for playing with while out and while in. 
  • Dog bed 
  • A crate 
  • Collar 
  • Lead, pack a spare one just in case.
  • Harness
  • Travel water bottle for dogs 
  • Dog seatbelt/car harness
  • Treats and chews 
  • Bring a blanket that they are used to, as staying away can sometimes cause stress. 
  • Drying coat/towels 
  • Dog coat - check the weather, if you’re packing your coat, why not pack your dogs? 
  • Cooling mat or cooling vest, especially if it is going to be warm. 
  • Stain remover in case your dog has an accident. If they are not used to staying away from home, they may be unsettled. 
  • Doggy shampoo 
  • Security tag 
  • Doggy first aid kit

For more tips on taking a staycation with your dog, click here.

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