The Benefits of Super Premium Dog Food


At WCF Select your pet’s health and well being through diet is our number one passion. As an owner selecting the right diet is one of the most important decisions you can make for your dog or cat, which is why we created the veterinary approved Super Premium dog food. We have also developed a range especially for cats.

Our Super Premium range is vitamin-rich, nutritionally dense food with quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates for healthier pets. This means that they need less in their bowls (smaller serves) and leave less mess behind later on. This food is specifically formulated to veterinary standards to go above and beyond the needs of various breeds of pets at different stages of life. This means your pet will get all the nutrition they need and more, in the right proportion at every meal, here some key benefits for feeding super premium.

  • Complete and balanced veterinary approved recipe catering for active lifestyle and health condition.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids to encourage a healthy skin and coat growth.
  • Highly digestible ingredients – leading to smaller, firmer and less-odorous waste for you to clean up.
  • Support for a developing immune system.
  • Ingredients to encourage strong joints and lean muscle development, such as glucosamine in puppy and senior foods for joint development/maintenance and repair.
  • Healthiest option with a high digestibility for superior nutritional value at affordable costs.

Like all dog foods, if you are thinking of switching your pet to a super-premium diet, please exercise the 7 day transition switch starting with 80% current food, 20% new food, and switch to 10% more new food in each day over the 7 days. This applies to any diet changes for dogs not just super-premium diets.

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