When Should To Start Weaning Your Puppy


Getting a puppy can be a memorable and exciting time. As an existing or new owner of a puppy, the care and food you give your dog now will have an impact on their development and wellbeing in later adult life. We’ve put together some useful puppy feeding tips to help get you started.

When Should You Start Weaning Your Puppy?

As a guide, puppies should be weaned from their mother’s milk from around 3-4 weeks and fed puppy food fully by the age of 7-9 weeks. A puppy diet usually lasts for about a year, but this can stretch up to 2 years for a large breed dog that matures more slowly. A dog’s digestive system can be sensitive, so it is advised to split your puppy’s food for the day into smaller portions, so it is more easily digested.

Top Tip: Soak kibble in warm water and introduce it to your puppy’s diet slowly over two weeks.

How Much Food Does My Puppy Need?

The type and amount of puppy food needed will depend on their breed and size. Puppy food differs from adult dog food in the respect that it is designed to contain more protein and higher levels of essential nutrients to enable the rapid growth phases puppies go through. Your puppy may not eat all the food given at meal times as their appetite will naturally fluctuate. Giving equal portions at regular times will help regulate their appetite throughout the whole day. It is also worth noting that puppies don’t know when they are eating too much and can quickly gain weight. Puppy feeding guides are based on the expected adult weight of a puppy. Below are some guidelines on how much to feed your puppy based on our WCF Super Premium and WCF Lakeland Heritage, grain free puppy food. Always read the manufacturers feeding instructions and speak to your vet if you’re unsure of how much to feed your puppy.

Top Tip: Maintain portion control to avoid weight gain.

What is the Best Feeding Method for My Puppy?

It is helpful to introduce a routine to your puppy’s feeding times. Dogs are creatures of habit and they will learn from repetitive actions. Choose a quiet, easily cleaned place to feed your puppy, preferably on a tiled surface or feeding mat. Always make sure they are fed from a clean bowl and have access to plenty of fresh water. 

Top Tip: Get your puppy in a routine and stick to it. 

Wet or Dry Puppy Food? 

 Many believe dry puppy food is a more convenient way to feed your puppy as it can be left out for longer and doesn’t need to be covered up. It is also considered to be generally cheaper than wet food and as a natural abrasive, it can help keep tartar build up at bay. 

Top Tip: Use small pieces of dry food as a reward for training. 

Investing in a high quality, approved complete puppy food, is the first step to ensure your puppy has the best start in life. Shop our range of puppy food here

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