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What shavings is best for rabbits and guinea pigs?

Published 18th August 2018
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What shavings is best for rabbits and guinea pigs?

Sawdust is not good for rabbit and guinea pigs respiratory systems as the dust causes the lungs to clog up, causing  breathing difficulty, sneezing and running noses. The best bedding for small animals is straw in the place they sleep and a shaving or woodchip anywhere else. Hay is not advised in bedding (especially Timothy) as rabbits and guinea pigs are meant to eat timothy/meadow hay, not be bedded in it as they like to do their business and eat, which will leave their beds dirty and empty.  This will also conflict with any litter training you are doing and as a result they may not eat their "feeding” hay which should be 80% of their diet, leaving 10% for pellets (better for teeth health and stops selective feeding) and 10% fruit and veg (fruit should only be fed 3 times a week MAX and veg high in calcium/watery should also be fed sparingly, a more green leafy veg is advisable like baby red chard).

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