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Why Should you use a Fly Rug and Fly Mask

Published 24th June 2020
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1. Skin allergies

The saliva produces from biting flies and gnats can cause allergic reactions which are very unpleasant for your horse. Sweet itch is often caused by an allergic reaction. Fly rugs and masks are made from soft, fine mesh material that keeps out even the smallest of insects.

2. External parasites

Some types of flies will nest and lay eggs directly in open wounds. The eggs will later hatch in maggots and feed on the injured tissue, if left untreated it can be deadly. By using a fly rug or mask it will keep flies away from the affected area.

3. Harmful UV rays

Horses need protection from ultraviolet rays. Fly rugs and fly masks act as sun cream. These help decrease coat bleaching in dark horses and protects from sunburn and skin cancers in light-coloured horses and those with areas of pink skin.

4. Photosensitivity

Photosensitivity is a sun-related skin injury triggered by chemical imbalances in the horse's body. These imbalances may be caused by certain plants, drugs or liver disease. It affects both pigmented and unpigmented areas. Therefore you need to protect any white areas on your horse's face, a fly mask is suitable for this, providing up to 60% UV block.

5. Effectiveness

Fly repellents are only effective for a period of time until they need to be reapplied, especially if your horse becomes wet as the repellents aren't waterproof. By using a fly rug and mask it means that you do not need to reapply any repellent as the rug and mask will be effective for the period of time required.

At WCF, we sell a range of fly rugs and masks, here is some listed below:

- Rhinegold fly mask with ears £15.00

- Rhinegold Fly Rug with Neck Cover £32.99

- Weatherbeeta Essential Mesh Mask £10.99

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