Dog Food

In the heart of Cumbria, our Lakes Collection was born. Lakes Established (formerly known as Naturally Devoted Dog Food), our essential range, is hypoallergenic and formulated with a single source of protein for sensitive dogs. Created in the UK using inspiration from our country's heritage and devotion to animals From the highest peak to the deepest lake, we pride ourselves on supporting local farms and fisheries, responsibly sourcing only the best quality ingredients for your beloved pet. This hypoallergenic dog food includes freshly prepared protein sources that are responsibly sourced and specially formulated for dogs with sensitive digestions due to the contents of rice, oats, and highly digestible proteins that are gentle on your dog's digestive system. Packed full of tasty goodness, our Lakes Established Hypoallergenic Dog Food includes options for small breeds, senior dogs, and puppies.

Our nature for your nurture, since 1911.

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