Our WCF Pet & Equestrian shops have a fantastic range of products for wild birds from feeds, feeders, drinkers and bird tables. We are stockists of popular brands Armitage, Peckish, Honeyfields, ChapelWood, Top Flight & Natures Feast. Our WCF own brand offering includes wild bird food, high energy no mess wild bird food, premium peanuts, sunflower hearts, to name a few - stocked in carry home size bags to large 15kg or 20kg bags. So look out for the familiar WCF own brand blue bag. Bird feeders accompany our feed range - seed feeder, meal worm feeder, peanut feeder, suet ball feeder and more - the whole feeding kit is available in our stores. Dried meal worms and energy balls are available too. We are flying high with our wild bird offering!.

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Some Popular Brands We Stock In Store

Alpha Pet ShopArmitage Pet ShopTop Flight Pet ShopBurgess Pet ShopChapelwood Pet ShopDr John Pet Shop

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