Benefits of Feeding Wild Birds

Wild Birds

Spring has arrived and it’s the perfect time of year to be spending more time in the garden and the outdoors. Nature provides many benefits from the wonderful fresh air, to the natural vitamin D through sunlight. But did you know feeding wild birds can bring a host of benefits to you as well as the birds?

Benefits for The Birds

  • Whilst birds will still forage their own food, feeding them locally and in your garden will help to supplement their diet with additional nutrients.
  • Winter can be a challenging time for birds sourcing their own food, so feeding birds can be beneficial as it makes it easier for them to find food, particularly in very cold weather.
  • During the nesting season, providing bird food can help birds parent and feed their chicks if they have nested close by.

Human Benefits of Feeding Wild Birds

  • Birds can be extremely educational to both children and adults. Feeding them gives the opportunity to learn their behaviours and needs throughout the year.
  • Little ones learn the importance of caring for animals.
  • Feeding the birds can be one of the simplest and easiest ways to connect with nature, enabling you to take a break and switch off from daily life.
  • Hearing the birds chirping in the garden can often be a therapeutic sound for many.

Putting out loose food can attract some unwanted pests, so it’s always best to use a bird feeder.   Don’t forget if you do have birds nesting in your garden, or come across a bird’s nest, please remember to leave it undisturbed.

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