WCF Dogs Food versus Supermarket Brands?


At WCF Pet & Equestrian we understand that your pet’s health and wellbeing is a number one priority, it’s also ours too. Selecting the best food can be confusing at times when you are bombarded with different messages from multiple retailers. Our guide below will help highlight what ingredients to look for when choosing premium food for dogs and what the advantages of choosing WCF Pet & Equestrian can bring.

Supermarket Brands

Whilst most supermarkets offer a wide variety of pet food, the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in some of the less expensive varieties can be low. These foods may also be bulked out with cheaper grains that could cause discomfort to animals that have sensitive stomachs. It is worth noting that complete food will contain all the nutrients your dog needs to feel satisfied but complimentary kinds will require further supplementation. Buying a complete food may also save you money in the long run.  

Knowing what nutrition to look for in your pet's food is key to ensuring your dog has a healthy life. 

Top Ingredients to Look Out For


Protein is needed for your dog to form new skin cells, grow hair, build muscle tissue, maintain weight and ensure their immune system stays strong. The level of protein your dog needs can vary depending on their stage in life.


Carbohydrates are an essential part of your dog’s diet. Sugars, starches and dietary fibres are different types of carbohydrates which play different roles in the body. Depending on your dog’s needs, a certain type of carbohydrate may be better for them. Grain free dog food can be a better choice if your dog suffers from allergies, digestive or weight issues.


A diet that includes 10-15% fat is essential for your pet, and healthy fats such as Omega 3 help to provide energy, encourage the absorption of vitamins and maintain a healthy skin and coat.


Dogs, like humans, need vitamins to maintain their health. Vitamin A will help keep their skin healthy and Vitamin E will help support their immune system.


A small amount of water is usually contained in food. However, it’s important that your dog has a fresh supply of water to ensure they are always hydrated. Water is also very important for digestion and helps regulate their body temperature. 

Advantages of WCF Food

At WCF, our best-selling product ranges have been formulated to offer you high quality ingredients that are healthy and taste great. Choosing one of our premium dog food products can help provide your dog with a better chance of maintaining healthy skin and having a shinier coat. Our super premium dog food can can also help reduce allergy symptoms, increase fullness and result in a more energetic, playful dog! Additional benefits of our super premium dog food include less shedding, better breath, fewer/smaller stools and reduced flatulence.

Lakes Heritage Grain Free Dog Food

Our Lakes Heritage Grain Free dog food is specially formulated to offer your dog a natural, tasty, nutritious and complete meal. The range has added sweet potato (a healthy alternative to grains) and contains high levels of protein with only fruit, vegetables and minerals added.

Top Benefits

  • High level of protein
  • Complete meal
  • Tasty and nutritious 
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Wide variety of flavours
  • Grain free added minerals
  • Senior dog food range
  • Puppy dog food range 
  • Light diet range
  • Veterinary approved
  • Made with pride in the UK 
For dogs that have weight management issues, our light recipes are an ideal option. These recipes are 15% lower in fat than other standard products in the ranges and contain the amino acid L-Carntine which helps your dog develop lean muscle.

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Lakes Pioneer Dog Food

Our Lakes Pioneer Dog Food has been specially designed by experts to bring you a premium dog food range that is perfect for four-legged friends that have allergies, skin problems or digestive complications. Only the finest ingredients are used in our premium dogs’ food, ensuring that your dog has both a tasty and nutritious meal. Browse our full range of premium dog food online on our website.

Top Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6
  • Free from Wheat
  • Free from Wheat Gluten
  • Free from Dairy
  • Free from Soya
  • Veterinary approved
  • Made with pride in the UK

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Things to remember

If you are considering switching your dog food to a grain free diet, please adhere to the 7 day transition phase starting with 80% current food and 20% new food. You can switch 10% extra each day until you get to 100% grain free food. This applies to any diet changes for dogs, not just grain free food. 

Whichever brand of pet food you choose to buy, the important thing to remember is that your dog should be healthy. Their coat or fur should be shiny, along with bright eyes and zest for life with no excess fat on their bodies. 

Always consult with your vet if you are unsure on the right food to feed your pet.