What is Dry Dog Food versus Kibble?


Kibble, in simple terms, is dog food containing meat, grains, and vegetables that are dried and reshaped into small pellet-sized pieces. It is a popular choice for many pet owners as it can provide your dog with all the nutrients they require for a healthy lifestyle. Read on to find out more about the benefits of kibble food for dogs.

What is the Difference Between Kibble and Dry Dog Food?

You will see “Kibble” used in dog products, especially for puppy food, but it is a word used for dried dog food, meaning they are the same product.

Benefits of Kibble Dog Food

One of the main advantages of kibble dog food is that it is convenient and can be stored and transported easily. If you buy in bulk, it can also work out to be more financially beneficial. Dry kibble dog food is generally less messy when compared to wet dog food and can be left out for longer without the worry of it becoming contaminated with bacteria. This is important and beneficial to you if you live with small children or someone who has a compromised immune system. Many kibble dog foods have proteins, carbohydrates, and added vitamins and minerals. Premium recipes will often contain everything your dog needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and immune system.

Kibble for Puppies

Kibble dog food is ideal for puppies since it can be soaked, softening the meal and assisting the weaning process. Using warm water to soak the dry food will also bring out the meaty fragrance that dogs are drawn to. Kibble can also be used as a reward for good behaviour. Dry dog food is easy to hide in toys due to its small size, and this can give stimulation and excitement for your pet, especially if you leave them at home while you go to work or go out for a short time. Another advantage of kibble dog food is that it is crunchy, and the sharp edges can work as an oral aid to help prevent plaque and tartar build-up when dogs chew, potentially preventing bad breath and maintaining healthier gums.

Where Can I Buy Dry Kibble Dog Food?

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