8 Ways to Relieve Your Dog's Boredom


Your dog has been resting all day waiting for you to come home. This means they are full of energy and are so excited when they get to see you.

To live a fulfilling life, dogs need both mental and physical stimulation. If your dog does any of the following it may be because they are bored: chewing, destroying things, clawing, whining, or barking.      

Below we have listed 8 ways you can help to relieve your dog’s boredom:      

  • Exercise - this is an important part of a dog’s life. It is a chance for them to be active whilst being mentally stimulating. Taking your dog out for a walk or some exercise is a perfect way to distract them from being bored as it exercises their minds. Going to new places for walks is very stimulating as there are lots of new smells and sights for them to experience.     
  • Socialise - socialising your dog is one of the most important aspects of training. It teaches them how to react to the environment they are currently in. Interacting your dog with the general outside keeps them stimulated and entertained as there will be lots of new things to experience.  
  • Plan a dog play date - a play date is perfect for your dog. It is a great way to socialise and exercise your dog at the same time. Dogs benefit a lot from playing and socialising with other dogs as it helps develop good manners. It also allows them to learn ways dogs communicate with each other, while being very stimulating for the dog’s brain.   
  • Put your dog to “work” - putting your dog to “work” is a great way to avoid them becoming bored. This doesn’t have to be proper work, it can be as simple as learning a new trick, finding a hidden treat, or going for a walk. 
  • Food puzzles for feeding - feeding out of the same plain bowl everyday can be boring for your pet. Using a food puzzle is a great wait to entertain your dog during feeding time. The puzzle stimulates their brain and makes them “work” for their food. As well as using this at mealtime, you can use it throughout the day, filling it with treats.   
  • Interesting toys - providing your dog with an interesting toy is a great boredom breaker as this is time that they will enjoy alone. It is important to avoid toys that can easily break. We have a wide range of toys in all our stores. Click here to find your local WCF store.
  • Spend time training your dog - spending time training your pet is a great way to keep things fun and is also very rewarding for your pet. Try to do around 2 or 3, 10-minute sessions a day to keep your dog distracted.  
  • Consider doggy day care or a dog walker - Destructive behavior when you are not at home can be due to separation anxiety but often it is due to boredom. Taking your dog to doggy day care is a good way to eliminate any destructive behavior when you are away from home all day. Doggy day care allows you to leave your dog in a safe place, where they will get exercised and will socialise with other dogs. Hiring a dog walker is also a good way to try and eliminate destructive behavior. This will break up your dog’s day waiting for you to come home. They will be exercised and hopefully tired out making it hard work for them to act up, ready for when you come home. If your dog suffers from anxiety, read our blog on ways you can help with your dog's anxiety.

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