Keeping Your Dogs Safe in the Dark


As the darker nights and mornings creep in, it’s important to be keep your dogs safe in the dark. Lack of visibility can be dangerous to both yourself and dogs, so we’ve put together some simple tips to help keep you safe on those darker walks.

Be Seen

Making sure you can be seen in darker weather is important to help keep your dog safe in the dark. Light, reflective clothing is important and gives cyclists and motorists more chance of being able to see you. This is particularly important if you need to take your walks in areas where visibility or lighting is poor. There are lots of options available, such as reflective clothing and head torches for yourself, and reflective collars, leads and coats for your dog. You can even buy LED lights specifically for their collars and leads.

Stick to Familiar Routes

With the darker nights and mornings, it’s a good idea to stick to walking routes that you are already familiar with whilst visibility is lower. That way you know where the safe footpaths are and how busy traffic is likely to be.  

Stay Warm 

When it’s time for us to put on a warm coat for those early morning, or cold evening walks, it’s important to remember that short haired dogs, or dogs with thin coats will also feel the cold. Dog coats provide a much-needed extra layer for some dogs and protects them from cold winds and frostbite. If you’re unsure if your dog needs that extra layer you could consult your local vet or pet store for more advice.

Keep Dogs on a Lead

Just like humans, dogs can be disorientated if they are in a dark or unfamiliar place. Strange or loud noises, and bright car lights can also be startling for them. This can lead to panic and distress so it’s always a good idea to keep your dog on a lead when visibility or weather is poor. If you do let your dog off their lead remember to make sure they are chipped or have contact details on their collar in case you do lose sight of them.  Remember it’s not just important to keep your dogs safe in the dark but also yourself. Wrapping up warm, wearing clothing which is visible and sticking to safe familiar routes in the darker weather will all help to keep you safe.

Our WCF Pet and Equestrian Stores have a wide selection of high visibility and safety products designed to help keep your pets safe. Why not pop in store to check out the range.