What is the Best Dog Food for Puppies


When your puppy is ready to move on to solid food, which is usually when they are around 6-8 weeks old, it’s important to choose a specially formulated puppy food. This is because they will contain the right balance of ingredients to support your puppy’s growth and development.

When choosing a dog food for puppies, here are the key things for you to look for

High Calorie Food

Puppies need extra calories to support their growth from a young age. A high calorie dog food, given little and often will keep them going in between feeds and give them the extra energy they need.

Extra Protein

Puppies go through a rapid growth phase from when they are born up until around 14 weeks and the amino acids provided by high protein diets will support this.

Essential Nutrients

Puppies have different nutrient requirements to older dogs, so a specially formulated puppy food will provide the right levels of vitamins to develop things like healthy bones and teeth.

Small Kibble Sizes

By choosing a food which is smaller in size, this helps puppies during the weaning process so that they can easily chew and swallow their food as they learn to take on solids and build stronger teeth.

At WCF we have a range of specially formulated dog food for puppies, which has been designed to cater for their needs at such a crucial age. All of our dog food for puppies is veterinary approved so you can rest assured that your puppy will be enjoying a healthy, balanced diet.

Shop online WCF's range of puppy food.  For more advice on feeding your puppy, and how much food they might need at different stages in their growth, please visit our Guides.