Bringing Your Puppy Home for the First Time


The day you collect your puppy is very exciting, but it can be very daunting for your puppy as they have just left their mother and litter behind. To help, we have put together some tips for bringing your puppy home for the first time.

  • Take your time - when bringing home your puppy home for the first time, it is important that you take your time. Coming into a new place alone, away from the litter can be very overwhelming for a puppy. It is often a good idea to limit the amount of room they have access to at the start, allowing them to take their time to get used to things. 
  • Create a routine for your puppy – creating a routine will help with settling them in. Try to keep play, meal and bed time at the same time every day to help with settling them in. 
  • Be consistent - when keeping a routine, it is also important to be consistent with your puppy. Make sure that everyone in the household sticks to this otherwise it may get confusing for your puppy. 
  • Set boundaries - make sure your boundaries are clear and that you stick to them. For example, if you don’t want your puppy up on the couch, you need to make sure everyone keeps them off from day one. 
  • Give your puppy space - getting a new puppy is exciting and you may want to spend every second with them, but it is often best to give them some space to themselves. If they need to sleep or rest, allow them to do this on their own and in their space that you created for them. Also, try encouraging them to play by themselves rather than with you all the time as this may lead to separation anxiety and problems in later life. If your dog suffers from anxiety, check out our blog on ways to help with your dog’s anxiety. 
  • Start socialising your puppy – socialising your puppy often can start at home by taking them into the garden, encouraging them to interact with the environment they currently live in. Taking them for a walk is also a great way to socialise your puppy, allowing them to experience new sights, sounds and smells. 
  • Consider training classes – training classes are perfect for allowing your puppy to have positive experiences with other people and dogs that are in the same position. For advice on training at home click here.