What to Think About Before Getting a Puppy


Getting a puppy is a very exciting time but it is also a big responsibility and commitment. There are a lot of things to think about and consider before deciding to get a puppy.   

Some things to consider are…

  • Cost – can you afford to look after a puppy? Puppies can cost quite a lot of money. Try budgeting with puppy costs included for a while before deciding to purchase one to see if it is affordable. When budgeting for your puppy, try and include as much as possible, whether it’s buying their food, paying for surprise trips to the vet or monthly insurance bills plus excess on claims.
  • Lifestyle – do you have enough time for a puppy? Puppies need a lot of company, care, entertainment, and training, especially at the start. If you have a full-time job, it is a good idea to consider day care options, for example, doggy day care or a dog walker.
  • Environment – is your home dog friendly? It is essential your home is suitable for your new puppy. This can include making sure the garden is secure so they can’t escape or by creating an area for your puppy that is their own.
  • Vets – you will need to register your dog with a vet and keep them up to date with any vaccinations or treatments they require. It is a good idea to choose a local vet that is highly recommended, especially in a case of an emergency.
  • Breed – which breed of dog is right for me? Each breed of dog has different needs and energy levels. It is important to research your chosen breed before purchasing to make sure that it will suit your lifestyle.   

When you have decided on getting a puppy, it is important that you are prepared for their arrival, click here to read our puppy checklist to make sure you don't miss any essential items.

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